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Spa Vault

Introducing Spa Vault - the industry's first patented inventory management platform!

Spa Vault provides practices small and large the security of safely managing all their consumable products with the working capital benefit of not paying for your consumables until they are used and paid for by your patients!  It may sound too good to be true, but the Spa Vault is here!


Discover how the Spa Vault works and how it can benefit your practice.  Join Dr. Emerick R. Salas, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, for one of our webinar info sessions—Register below.

Upcoming Spa Vault Webinars:

Thursday, July 7th —  Changing the MedSpa Industry with Spa Vault 


Be the first to have the Spa Vault in your practice!  The Spa Vault will allow you to invest your working capital usually spent on Injectables (toxins and fillers), PDO threads, Exosomes, etc. into other necessary expenses such as promoting your business.  The Spa Vault is a game-changer, with it you can use the various products inside the box to perform your patients desired procedures, collect payment for those services and then pay for the products you used at the end of each day, AFTER you’ve already received payment from your patients!

Practices all over the world have been waiting to see this concept become a reality, and now it is finally available (in limited quantities) with installs beginning in early June 2022.

Apollo Med is always dedicated to giving its customers cutting-edge solutions to allow increased profitability with limited investment.  Turn your vendor into a promotional partner, because someone who invests in you wants to see you succeed.

Based on your practice history, we custom set inventory with custom restocking levels, inventory management, tracking, and on-time delivery to the patient and unrivaled benefit to your bottom line.  Never miss revenue opportunities again because you don't have the products necessary for the procedure!  With essentially a mini-warehouse in your practice, you don’t need to constantly take inventory to avoid product shrinkage. 

With our real-time connection to the Spa Vault, we can tell when the Spa Vault inventory is accessed, who accessed it, and what was accessed, providing custom reporting based on our client's needs.  Don't miss the chance to become one of the leaders in the industry with the Spa Vault. 

To be one of the first to have access, talk with one of our representatives about how Spa Vault can free up your cash flow and accurately manage your inventory at the same time. 

Please call 844-698-4782 or click below:

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