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PDO Threads Model Registration

Why People Choose to Become an ApolloMed Model

Our models are individuals looking for non-surgical options instead of traditional facelifts or skin tightening procedures. Surgical procedures are expensive and accompanied by extensive downtime followed by substantial recovery periods. PDO-Threading is the newest non-surgical technique in aesthetics, commonly known worldwide as the “lunch-time facelift.” Through the Apollo Med Innovations training events, we’re now able to bring this amazingly effective, versatile procedure to a city near you!

Apollo Med Innovations has hosted several PDO-Thread Master Training Events throughout the U.S. beginning in early 2018. We are again in search of local demonstration models to undergo this non-invasive procedure for a nominal fee of $500 per area (to cover the cost of raw materials). Typical PDO-Thread procedures range from $2,500 – $5,000 depending on the area of treatment and the number of threads used in the procedure.

Our instructors will be covering the following areas; Mid-Face, Jowls, Lips, Brow Lift, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Knees, and Back of Arms and are looking for appropriate candidates for these procedures. All procedures and demonstrations will be performed by medical professionals experienced in advanced aesthetic treatments and specialize in the techniques that will be demonstrated at the event.

Apollo Med Innovations Before and After

Interested in becoming a model?

Call 844.698.4782 or fill out the interest form below, and an ApolloMed team member will reach out to you directly.

Upcoming PDO Model Opportunities:


Dallas, TX — Coming Soon!

Atlanta, GA — Coming Soon!

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