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ApolloMed Innovations

ApolloMed Innovations (Apollo) was founded to support physicians in choosing the right aesthetic products and devices to meet a patient’s needs and to add new revenue streams to their practice. As a privately-held distributor and marketer of aesthetic products and medical devices, Apollo is not tethered to any one manufacturer. We evaluate products based on a three-point criteria:

  1. Clinical efficacy

  2. Patient experience

  3. Return on investment (ROI)

Apollo products deliver the ability to reduce the cost of patient acquisition and increase the lifetime value of a patient through innovation, training and support. our mission is to provide our customers with world-class products coupled with world class support. The backbone of our support is our training programs; designed to provide both clinical education, as well as hands-on support, so when the training is complete, you are comfortable deploying Apollo products in your practice. We follow that support with a dedicated practice management team and unparalleled warranties. Our partnership with Social Strategy1 also provides marketing support at a discounted rate just for being an Apollo customer.

Apollo Med Innovations Procedures
Apollo Med Innovations Injectables
Apollo Med Innovations PDO Threads
Apollo Med Innovations Training
Apollo Med Innovations Training
Apollo Med Innovations Microneedling
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