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Injectable Xpress Partnership

Post-Training Job Opportunities with Injectable Xpress Rx

Injectable Xpress Rx, Inc. is also looking to hire qualified Aesthetic Injectors interested in building a business they can maintain with the support of a partner — namely, those Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants that have completed our ApolloMed Injectables Training course.

Injectable Xpress Rx was developed to support and supply a meaningful location for qualified medical professionals to expand their business with our assistance. It is a great opportunity for young transitional injectors and more experienced injectors to grow their presence in the aesthetic industry. By partnering with Injectable Xpress Rx, you will benefit from capitalizing on our aggressive product pricing and purchasing power, professional front desk staff trained in the aesthetic industry, use of our lasers, ultrasounds, RF microneedling and more, all in a beautiful, spa-like setting.

After completing the ApolloMed Injectables Training course, you will then be asked to complete one of ApolloMed’s PDO Thread Training Courses to further your education in one of the most profitable and remarkable procedures available on the market. The “Lunchtime Face Lift” is fast becoming the most desirable procedure in Aesthetics on the market due to its immediate “wow” factor results that typically last between 18-26 months.  This additional PDO Thread Training will be funded upfront by Injectables Xpress Rx because knowing how to properly perform PDO Thread Lifts is one of the main requirements for this position.

Injectable Xpress currently has two locations open in the Metro Atlanta area, with two opening soon in Dallas and Houston, followed by locations in Miami and Salt Lake City. We are expecting to have twenty locations nationwide within the next two years.  Injectable Xpress Rx is looking for people interested in growing professionally and who want to be part of something you help build while getting rewarded for it.

We provide the support staff, raw material and location, while you provide the hard work by developing clients through grassroots marketing. Of course, we help with all of that through our social media marketing efforts and aggressive pricing models.


Compensation arrangements are completely open depending on experience. For those already in the aesthetic injectables business, Injectable Xpress Rx can profit share, add you as a team member, and provide a salary while you are restarting. And for those interested in getting started in the aesthetic injectables business, Injectable Xpress Rx can provide medical insurance, flexible hours, and paid vacation time for those interested in joining. Contact us today to learn more about the position.

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